About US

Our Story

Armenia LA was born out of a passion for honoring our Armenian cultural heritage while embracing the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles. We wanted to create a clothing brand that not only reflects our rich history and traditions but also celebrates the diversity and creativity of the city we call home. Through our unique designs and commitment to craftsmanship, Armenia LA seeks to inspire individuality, self-expression, and pride in one's roots while fostering a connection to the Armenian community and Little Armenia in Los Angeles.


Our mission is to create a unique and memorable clothing brand that celebrates Armenian cultural heritage, inspires individuality and self-expression, and embodies the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles. Through our carefully crafted garments, we strive to foster a sense of pride in our roots, empower our community, and contribute to the city's diverse landscape.


  1. Cultural Heritage and Identity
  2. Connection to the Armenian Community and Little Armenia
  3. Individuality and Self-Expression
  4. Art and Fashion Fusion
  5. Quality and Craftsmanship
  6. Exclusivity and Authenticity